Take the Lead

A monthly marketing subscription service is the perfect option when you want o take the lead and make sports marketing a strategic advantage.

Custom pricing tailored to your needs: starting from 3,000€ per month

A successful partnership starts with a few simple steps:

Step 1.

We find, mix, and match the right partners, who will become a part of your team of athletes committed to your success. A team usually consists of 1-3 athletes, depending on audience size, reach and status.

Step 2.

We plan, create, and deliver digital concepts and content to increase your engagement and marketing ROI. Content is distributed in both your own channels and through athlete accounts.

Step 3.

We track, measure, and analyse athlete- and audience metrics and turn data into real opportunities and insight.

⚽️ Advanced social media analytics: engagement, reach
🏐 Influencer marketing: athlete and audience insights
🎾 Competition tracking: track your competitors’ performance

What people say about us

Antti Manninen

We want to be a forerunner both in and out of the rink. Digitising our team sales has been a fast and bold project.

Nella Vuoksio
Aqva Finland Oy

10 has found us great athletes and produced beautiful content that brings results - all without the hassle of doing everything by ourselves!

Ida Hulkko
Athlete, Swimming

I've found new sponsors and gotten new insights on how to make the most out of my social media channels. Easy and effective!