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10 Sports Marketing Hub is a fast-growing sports marketing startup from Finland. Our office is located in Helsinki at the legendary Helsinki Olympic Stadium. We are a bunch of digital marketing wizards and sports enthusiasts, connecting brands, content creators, athletes, teams, and clubs, taking sports marketing and sponsorships to the next level.

Like the playmaker or a number 10, our position is in the center of the field, making break-trough passes and running creative plays. Winning is, however, always a team effort, and we love building winning teams. ⚽️


Sports bring people together, like nothing else. For millions of fans around the world, sports offer a constant source of conversation and community. The whole industry is full of energy, which makes it a great platform to connect on.

10.fi launched in early 2020 during a period of social distancing from the comfort of our living rooms. The pandemic proved the importance of sports and revealed the need for new ideas, information, and business models. It left many people searching for new ways to engage with the sports community. Now, we have an opportunity to take a step forward and reimagine how we connect over sports when the dust settles.

Our mission is to make sports marketing and working with athletes easy

Sports a a Service

We offer a monthly subscription service for brands who want to work with athletes and launch successful sports partnerships.

Team Sales & Sponsorship Platform

We help athletes, sports teams, clubs, associations, and sports events organisers sell digital partnerships online.

Sports Marketing Hub

We help athletes, sports teams, clubs, associations, and sports events organisers sell digital partnerships online.

Unleash the power of sports

Companies & Brands
Do you want to make sports a part of your Social Media Strategy: Content, Ads, and Influencer Marketing?
👉 Sports as a Service
We help brands find, mix, and match the right players and launch successful partnerships with athletes and teams.
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Teams, Clubs & Associations
Would your organisation benefit from launching digital partnerships and subscription services?
👉 Digital Team Sales
We help sports teams, clubs, associations, and event organisers sell digital partnerships and get paid online.
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Content Creators
Are you a talented content creator, who have a flair for working on sports related projects?
👉 Creator Community
We connect brands, content creators, athletes, teams, clubs, and sports associations and form winning teams.
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Our Dedicated Team

Erkko Simsiö
Erkko Simsiö
Captain & Founder
+358 50 389 8736
Karl Järnström
Karl Järnström
Head of Growth
+358 50 464 8985
Lotta Heikkeri
Lotta Heikkeri
Head of Content
+358 40 586 7388
Otto Valavuo
Otto Valavuo
Sports Marketing Agent
Pia Hoffrén
Pia Hoffrén
Customer Success Manager
+358 46 920 8181
Riku Saari
Riku Saari
Partnership Manager
+358 40 703 1953
Salla Kekki
Salla Kekki
Digital Sales
+358 44 906 6697