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I want to make Sports a part of my Social Media Strategy: Content, Ads, and Influencer Marketing.
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We help brands find, mix, and match the right players and launch successful partnerships with athletes and teams.
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🦸 Sports Chiefs
I am a Sports Representative and I want to offer digital sponsorship packages and find new partners.
👉 A Digital Team Sales Platform
We help sports teams, clubs, associations, and event organisers sell digital partnerships and get paid online.
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I am a talented Content Creator and I want to be a part of a community working on sports related projects.
👉 A Sports Marketing Hub
We connect brands, content creators, athletes, teams, clubs, and sports associations and form winning teams.
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Successful sports partnerships

Studies show that influencer marketing is one of the top performers when it comes to marketing ROI, and that athletes make great influencers. That's why we made working with athletes easy! We find, mix, and match the right partners.

2019 Influencer Marketing Report: A Marketer’s Perspective (socialpubli.com)

Higher engagement rates, better ROI

Sports offer a constant source of conversation and community, which makes it a great platform to connect on. Did you know that many athletes have 2X higher engagement rates than most influencers?

We plan and create unique sports content and leverage athlete accounts. And we track, measure, and analyse data to improve results.

Turn insights into new opportunities

Are you tracking relevant metrics and finding real insights that can help you reach your goals? We track, measure, and analyse the performance of athletes and sports teams with advanced analytics.

We turn insight into new opportunities and sales leads. It's easy to get started.

Make sports a part of your social strategy

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